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A forgotten recipe, reinvented.

Oximel WALD consists of natural vinegar, which is mixed with the purest honey, as well as crushed spruce needles and honeycombs.

Has an expectorant, tissue irritant, bacteria and fungus effect, has a calming effect on the stomach and intestines and stimulates digestion.

Use of Oxymel FOREST:

Pure: in a spoon or in a jar as an elixir and tonic (e.g. for dry coughs, hate pain), taken in the morning or before every meal

As a drink: Diluted with water or mineral water (sports drink ) - with ice cubes, mint and lemon wedge as a refreshing wellness drink

Oxymel forest

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Oxymel is an original apitherapeutic made from honey and vinegar. Already used in antiquity as a medicine, tonic and healing syrup, Oxymel has antipyretic, immune-boosting and wound-healing properties. In modern medicine, too, Oxymel still treats coughs, asthma and digestive problems. In addition, Oxymel is an excellent alternative for the production of alcohol-free plant tinctures, whole syrups and medicines for children.

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