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In this product, all high-quality bee products such as bee pollen, royal jelly and propolis are mixed together in a certain proportion with cream honey to form a special product. Stirred in honey, these natural products can be particularly well absorbed and used by the human organism.

Storage of bee products

Honeys, as well as other products from the bee colony, are stored depending on production and sales, sometimes for months or years. With proper extraction and cool, light-protected storage, they will last for several years. The prerequisite is that the storage containers are tightly closed and stored in a cool, dry room.

Apis special

SKU: 9120065410888

Cremehonig, Blütenpollen gemahlen, Propolis gemahlen, Gele royal

  • Die Farbe des gelieferten Honigs kann vom Produktfoto abweichen.
  • Trocken u. vor Wärme geschützt gelagert, ist Honig viele Jahre haltbar.
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