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  • They want to know what they eat, where it comes from and who produces it. That is why there is a bee sponsorship. As a sponsor of a colony you support regional bees at one of our stands.


    If you have no way to keep bees, we can do it for you. We look after the people on your behalf with us in the Ostgarten.

    With a bee sponsorship you accompany the bee colony through the year and receive a honey-sweet consideration for their partnership


    Support a bee colony (60,000 hardworking bees) and get 6 kg of honey filled in glasses of your choice.


    We keep you informed about the life and work of your bees.


    You are welcome to visit your bees, get information on site and watch us at work. If you want, you can also work yourself.

    The bees are dependent on our help these days. Help us to support our work based on biological and sustainable values.


    Depending on your wishes, the bee sponsorship runs for one year or over several years.

    The bee colony concerned is marked with your name.

    After registration, visit your people at the beginning of August of the respective year and take your honey with you or we will send it to the desired address.

    bees sponsorship

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