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A forgotten recipe, reinvented.

Oximel RIBISEL consists of natural vinegar that is mixed with the purest honey, plus mashed currants from our own cultivation and honeycombs.

It has a calming effect on the stomach and intestines and stimulates their digestion.

Use of Oxymel RIBISEL:

Pure : spoon or pound as an elixir and tonic, one tablespoon in the morning or before each meal

As a drink : Diluted with water or mineral water (sports drink ) - with ice cubes, mint and lemon wedge as a refreshing wellness drink

In the kitchen : as a condiment or marinade for salads, sauces or grilled meat

One tablespoon of Oxymel RIBISEL stirred into natural yogurt.

Oxymel currant

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Oxymel is an original apitherapeutic made from honey and vinegar. Already used in antiquity as a medicine, tonic and healing syrup, Oxymel has antipyretic, immune-boosting and wound-healing properties. In modern medicine, too, Oxymel still treats coughs, asthma and digestive problems. In addition, Oxymel is an excellent alternative for the production of alcohol-free plant tinctures, whole syrups and medicines for children.

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