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  • A forgotten recipe, reinvented.

    Oximel consists of natural vinegar, which is mixed together with the purest honey, plus a small part of our in-house beeswax.

    After a certain time interval, the natural immune system supporter is bottled and sent directly to you in Hauser.


    Do something good for your body and take a tablespoon of slightly diluted oxymel in the morning and before every meal. It has a calming effect on the stomach and intestines and stimulates their digestion.

    Oxymel simplex


    Oxymel is an original apitherapeutic made from honey and vinegar. Already used in antiquity as a medicine, tonic and healing syrup, oxymel has antipyretic, immune-strengthening and wound healing properties. Even in modern medicine, Oxymel continues to treat cough, asthma or indigestion. Oxymel is also an excellent alternative for the production of non-alcoholic plant tinctures, wholesome syrups and pediatric medicines.

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